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Nothing   from  this  site  (including  text,  photos,  images,  graphics,  illustrations, compilations  and assembly thereof;  to  include  design)  may  be  downloaded  or reproduced in any manner without written permission from  the webmaster.  This material is  protected  by  copyright  laws  of  the United  States  of America.   Anything identified  as  being  in  "public  domain"  is  exempt  from  this statement. 

Written text, graphics, designs, and photographs which are posted on this site are the original creation  and work  of  Diane C. Day.  Anything  that  was  not created by myself has  been specifically noted  on  each page. Original  concept  and  design  of  site  by Diane  C.  Day.

The USS SAVAGE (DE/DER-386) webmaster firmly believes in respecting and honoring the copyrighted work of others. I have attempted to provide "same page" credit wherever needed throughout this site.

Text and photos (not owned by The USS SAVAGE DE/DER-386 webmaster and/or Association) have been  used with  written  permission  and  have  been  credited  on each  page.

Any  linking  banners  are  the  property  of their respective  site owners, and have been used with permission.

Photographs of Gerald O. Day and his family may not be downloaded or reproduced in any manner or form. They are  the  sole  property  of  this  web  site.

Some historical information on The USS SAVAGE is from the personal archive of Gerald O. Day. Information has been verified through many U. S. Naval sources; including telephone interviews (in late 1999) with shipmates who were onboard the USS SAVAGE during World War II - Mr. Francis (Bud) Levitzki, Mr. Patrick Grasso,  Mr. Otha Harper,  Mr. Wesley W. Hicks,  Mr. Claude Rankey, Mr. Bill Chase, Mr. Edwin F. Hopfgarten, Jr.,  and  Mr. Rollins W. Coakley.

Mr. Rollins W. Coakley, former Historian for the USS SAVAGE, was kind enough to provide me with copies of his extremely extensive personal archive for inclusion in this site.  Mr. Coakley served aboard the SAVAGE in WWII and kept impeccable records on the ship. Without his contribution, much of this site would not have been possible.   

The  family of  Ensign Walter S. Savage has  reviewed this website for historical accuracy. Walter's brother, John, has supplied me with a vast amount of information and personal photographs.  He and his wife, Caroline, were kind enough to search through their family mementos and contribute a large amount of new information.  I am extremely appreciative of  their support and interest in my work, and I  am  forever grateful  for  their friendship. 

The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships  was used to cross-reference details of the USS SAVAGE. Published  by  the Naval History Division, Department of the Navy, Washington, D. C. (1976).

I  have  also  spent  countless  hours  at  the  National Archives in College Park, Maryland pouring over historical documents  concerning  The  USS  SAVAGE. 

Chartlet showing wreck site of The USS SAVAGE was compiled and drawn by Diane C. Day. Sources are  listed on this  page.  

"Gray rope" clipart utilized throughout the site was created by the webmaster.

Mr. Gene Parker contributed a photograph of the USS SAVAGE sailing into San Diego Harbor in April of 1946. Thank  you,  Mr.  Parker.

Ron Warner was the first to contribute photographs from his years aboard the SAVAGE.  I thank Ron very much  for  this  contribution,  and  for  his  continuing  friendship.

Mr. Ed Russell contributed the  1955 Recommissioning Ceremony booklet and personal photographs. I am very grateful  for  this  material.  

Special  thanks  to  Mel  Kowal,  who served aboard the SAVAGE from 1954 - 1957, for allowing me to post his pictures  and  link  to  his  site.   Mel,  I appreciate your continued support and contributions.

I am most appreciative of the contributions of Maryjane Stelmach Honner.  She generously donated "priceless" photographs of WWII crewmembers and her father, Tom Honner.

Vincent J. Corsano (Vinnie) has also  donated a photograph of his father, James L. Corsano.  Vinnie, thank you.

I  am  extremely  grateful  to Morrie J. Stein (a WWII Plank Owner) for generously sharing his photos  rom his days aboard the SAVAGE.  These photographs are extremely rare. Morrie has also become a great  friend.

Many  thanks  to  Ernie  Velez,  who  served aboard the SAVAGE during her Vietnam years. Ernie was kind enough to provide a biography of himself, and also provided rare photographs from his personal collection.   I am extremely  grateful  to  Ernie  for  his wonderful  contributions.

I owe an extreme debt of gratitude to Mr. Daniel P. Farley.  He was aboard the SAVAGE during WWII. Mr. Farley was kind enough to send me an extreme amount of "priceless" material from his personal archive.   Many  of these  articles  are  "one  of  a  kind."  

Mr. Gene Hansen  who  served  on the SAVAGE from 1956 - 1957 contributed "awesome" photos from his personal  collection.   I  am  very  grateful  to  have  these.

Many thanks to Gene and Linda Hansen for all their contributions to this site.  Linda has contributed several "one of a kind" finds to this site.    

A very special "thank you" to Nikki Savage (no relation to the family of Walter Savage) for being  my editor and for  her  caring  and  mentoring  in  the  very  early  stages  of this website.

I  owe  a  great  debt  of  gratitude  to  Everett Roush  and Ev Kytonen for gifting me with a "once in a lifetime" find - a ship's  plaque  from  the DER-386.  I had the pleasure of talking with both gentlemen and they  were both  so  supportive  of  this  site.   I  thank you  both.

A  great  debt of gratitude also goes out to Dr. John A. Knesel of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He added invaluable  information  concerning Walter Savage's college years.  He was kind enough to contact  me and ask if I would like to have the materials he had come across.  I am most appreciative of  his  efforts.

In  March  of  2005, Captain Robert C. Peniston, USN (Ret.), was kind enough to write the Introduction to this site.  The  USS  SAVAGE  Reunion  Association  is  forever  indebted  to their former Captain for providing them with an historical account of the SAVAGE. Captain Peniston also provided this site with a  wonderful narrative about  his  era  as  Skipper  of  the  SAVAGE.   We  are  forever  grateful to Captain  P.  for  his generous contributions.

Thanks to all who have contributed photographs and/or biographies from their personal collections for inclusion in this site.  All of these are truly "one of a kind" finds.
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