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Pearl Harbor and Nam header
 Pearl Harbor and Nam
[All photographs were most graciously contributed by Phil Beckett,  and Hugh Colihan who served aboard the Savage from 1965 to 1967.  Hugh was the photographer and Phil sent them to me for inclusion in this site.  I thank you both - these are "priceless" contributions.]
photograph of a beard growing contest (Phil Beckett is second from left)
photograph of the USS Charles Berry and the USS McMorris
photograph of the 386 at Bravo Pier, Pearl Harbor
photograph showing red eels on  Vietnamese junk
photograph showing crewmembers looking for?
photograph showing 386 crewmembers searching junk
photograph showing crewmembers searching a Vietnamese junk
photograph taken aboard a Vietnamese junk
photograph of crew searching junk
All photographs are thumbnail images.  Click on images to enlarge.
photograph of a Vietnamese junk
photograph of a Vietnamese junk
USS Savage at Bravo Pier, Pearl Harbor.
photograph of a Vietnamese junk
Beard growing contest.
Phil Beckett is second from left.
PC3 Jim Honey
photograph of crewmembers airing their linens on deck
photograph of the USS Providence
photograph of the Savage between the USS Haverfield and the USS Cochrane
photograph of helicoptor dropping supplies to the Savage
photograph of the USS King
photograph showing sunny day in Pearl Harbor
photograph of a submarine
photograph of the USS Castor
photograph of the USS Manatee
photograph of the USS Gurke and the USS Constellation
photograph of the USS Castor
photograph of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt
USS Nicholas (DD-449)
photograph of crewmember leaving the ship by breeches buoy
USS Charles Berry (DE-1035)
USS McMorris (DE-1036)
On a Vietnamese junk
Vietnamese junk
Searching Vietnamese junk
Searching Vietnamese junk
Red eels on a Vietnamese junk
Vietnamese junk
Airing linens on deck
A scary way to get aboard 
or leave
USS Providence (CLG-6) at Pearl Harbor
Sometimes we got stuff by air
A rainy day in Subic Bay
USS King (DLG-10)
USS Savage between the
USS Haverfield  (DER-393)
and the USS Cochrane  (DDG-21)
Lazy and beautiful day in Pearl Harbor
Near the sub pens at Pearl Harbor
USS Castor (AKS-1) 
a frequent visitor to the Savage
USS Nicholas (DD-449)  
 USS Castor (AKS-1) 
the WESTPAC "Cannonball"
USS Manatee  (AO-58)
USS Gurke (DD-783)
USS Constellation in backdrop 
Searching Vietnamese junk
photograph of the USS Castor
Looking for?
Underway replenishment 1966
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photograph of PC3 Jim Honey
Vietnamese junk
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