3.  DE-386 CREW4.  DE-386 CREW PHOTOS5.  DE-386 SHIP PHOTOS6.  DER-386 (1955)

1214  Changed course to 103 T; 102 PGc 107 PSc.
1300  All hands at battle stations for drills.
1305  Secured from battle stations.
1306  Making various courses and speeds investigating fishing boat.
1325  Small native fishing craft alongside.  Native crew supplied with food and suits of foul weather gear (5 suits,                   jungle cloth suits).
1344  Making various courses and speeds investigating wreck.
1425  All hands to battle stations.
1440  Unidentified body of native Chinaman on wreck brought onboard.  Pronounced dead by MARINO, Charles Jr.,                 (224-208) CPhm and photographed for identification purposes.
1458  Expended one (1) depth charge to scatter floating mast and fitting to remove menace to navigation.             
1500  Unidentified body buried at sea in 15 fathoms of water at 35   36' 58' N; 120   44' 37"  E.
1509  Expended one (1) depth charge, as above.
1510  Changed course to 065 T; 064 PGc, speed 361 RPM (19.5 knots). Secured from battle stations.
1600  DR:  36-02 N; 12-57 E.
01 January, 1946
We've seen the last of '45.
On true course one three five.
We sail upon the China Sea.
At 13 knots steams our DE.
Four engines are on the line.
For we may sight a mine.
A sea upon our stern.
To helping us along our run.
For not far off from land.
According to our plan.
We meet a queen of the fleet.
AP twenty-one.
0400 DR:  31  - 28' N; 126   - 31' E.
by Ensign A. W. Wofford, USCG

19 January, 1946
Anchored in Berth E-123, Tsingtao, China.  0630-Ship's mascot, Lady, SB1c(R) (01-46) gave birth to eight (8) normal puppies in forward head.  0900-Lady gave birth to one additional puppy - making a total of nine.

23 February, 1946
Standing into Mamala Bay, Oahu, Hawaii.  Moored Berth D-3 Middle Loch, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

25 February, 1946
Commanding Officer, Executive officer and honor guard departed to lay wreath in Aiea National Cemetery in memory of Ensign Walter S. Savage, Jr., (SC), USNR.

01 May, 1946
Underway to moor in nest.  Moored in nest with CortDiv 42 in Berth Fir 25, St. John's River off Green Cove Springs, Florida.

13 June, 1946
Lieut. J. M. Waters, Jr. relieved as commanding officer and to decommission SAVAGE.  Colors struck at conclusion of decommissioning ceremony.
18 December, 1945
Standing out Tsingtao Bay to rendezvous with CTU 78.15 in LST-755.
      1200  Underway as before on base course 11 T; 100 PSc, speed 360 RPM (19.5 knots). 
26 March, 1945
Held Commanding Officer's Mast in the case of  ____________, SK2c, USCGR offense, theft, opening, stealing, and taking away one thousand (1000) dollars from Paymaster's safe.  Awarded a General Court Martial. 

18 June, 1945
Passed through Panama Canal enroute to San Francisco.

27 June, 1945
Standing up San Francisco Swept Channel at full speed.  Passed under Golden Gate Bridge.  Moored U. S. Naval Frontier Base, Treasure Island, California.

23 July, 1945
Published the findings and sentence in the case of __________, Seaman 2c (R), tried by Summary Court Martial  for leaving his station without authority before being regularly relieved and entering the wardroom pantry with intent to pilfer the ice box.  Finding:  Guilty.  Sentence:  confinement for a period of three (3) weeks and to lose fifteen (15) dollars per month of his pay for a period of five (5) months.  Total loss of pay $75.00.  Approved by convening authority on 18 July, 1945 but limits of confinement are extended to the limits of the ship.  Approved by immediate superior in command on 23 July, 1945.

27 October, 1945
Full dressed and rigged ship for Navy Day.  Ship open to visitors and vessel visited by approximately 1,200 persons. [Seward, Alaska].

25 November, 1945
Investigated mine off port bow.  Commenced firing at mine with small arms and 20MM gun #24.  Mine sunk but did not discharge it.  Ammunition expended:  20MM, 120 rounds; 45 cal., 1500 rounds; 30 cal. 1500 rounds.  No casualties. Proceeding to anchorage B138 in Buckner Bay, Okinawa.
[Log books were photocopied by Diane C. Day, at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.]
Log Entries header
Log Entries 1943 - 1946
29 October, 1943
Command assumed by Lieut. Comdr. Oscar C. Rohnke, USCG.  Moored to Tennessee Coal & Iron Dock, Houston, Texas.

02 November, 1943
Moored Galveston, Texas.  Lt.(jg) James Haggerty, GM1c Edmund Harrigan, BM1c Ernest Schoeler, Sea2c Eugene Neufuss, and Sea2c Matthew Richter reported onboard having rescued one old man, one woman, and one girl from the second floor of a flooded house about 200 yards from solid ground.  Ship property used was two life rings, four blankets and coffee.  Survivors were turned over to neighbors and were suffering from exposure.

25 December, 1943
Small boat from USS VANCE (DE-387) transferred Dr. J. W.  Todd, U.S. Public Health Service and CPhM Cook to perform emergency appendectomy on F1c. John E. Moore.  Assisted by CPhM Richard Moore.  Operation successfully completed.

10 January, 1944
Following Commissary stores received from NBS Supply Office:  Bread - 110 loaves , celery - 210 lbs., lettuce - 128 crates, onions - 200 bags, potatoes - 500 bags, tomatoes - 162 boxes, apples - 235 lbs., oranges -  210 crates, 
milk - 220 quarts, eggs - 150 dozen, mayonnaise - 120 quarts.

30 March, 1944
Entered Straits of Gibralter with Convoy UGC 36.

01 April, 1944 
Underway as  escort of UGC 36, part of Task Force 64, in Mediterranean Sea.  0400 - attacked by enemy aircraft.

11 April, 1944
Standing out of Bizerte Harbor as part of Task Force 64.  Assumed duty as escort for Convoy GUS 36.

01 June, 1944
Underway as unit of Task Force 64 escorting convoy UGS 43 from Hampton Roads, Virginia to Bizerte, Tunisia.

11 August, 1944
Convoy TCU formed.  Assumed station.

05 September, 1944
Published the finding and sentencing in the case of __________, Seaman 1c (R), tried by Summary Court Martial for refusing to get out of his bunk.  Finding:  Guilty.  Sentence:  Ten (10) days in solitary confinement on bread and water, with full ration every third day.  Action of reviewing authority approved sentence but reduced number of days on bread and water to three (3).

22 October, 1944
Edward C. Moritz, Sea.1c., USCGR received fractured skull, lacerations of scalp, minor lacerations about right ear, while attempting to close watertight door.  Door was hit by a wave.  Injury in the line of duty.  Reduced speed to 12 knots for purpose of treating injured man.  Reduced speed to 10 knots.  Completed transferring Lieut. W. P. Bradhuen, USNR (M.C.) from U.S.S. WINSLOW (DD-359) by boatswains chair.  Also received two oxygen flasks.

25 October, 1944
Standing into Ambrose Channel to Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York at full speed.  Moored Navy Yard, Brooklyn,  N. Y. Edward C. Moritz transferred to U. S. Naval Hospital.  [Edward C. Moritz, Sea.1c died shortly thereafter].

11-26 December, 1944
Moored Pier 3, U. S. Navy Yard Annex, Bayonne, New Jersey.

08 January, 1945
Rescued William M. Colyard (7089-122), T.M.3c., USNR washed overboard in gale from U.S.S WINSLOW (DD-359). Left assigned station to patrol astern of several ships straggling due to gale force wind.
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