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Reunion Photos 2006 header
Reunion Photos 2006
The 2006 Reunion was held in San Diego, California
All photographs are thumbnail images.  Click on each picture to enlarge.
(l to r) Ray Crumley, 
Ernie Velez
(l to r) Paul Doster, Delilah Crumley, Ray Crumley
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(l) Jean Fraser 
Marge Harvey
(l to r) Mary Ewing,
Mary Markley,
 Leroy Clark,
Sue Clark,
Patrick Stevenson
(l to r) Jean Fraser, 
June Coakley,
Marge Farley,
Kathleen Keefe,
Peggy Smith
Alan and Elaine Pizzola
(l to r) Jack Smith,
Wally Keefe,
Dan Farley,
DE Crew
(l to r) Rollins Coakley
Jack Smith, 
Wally Keefe,
Dan Farley,
DE Crew
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(clockwise) Dan Farley, Sr., daughter Elaine, son Dan, Jr., and wife Margaret 
(l to r) in dark shirt John Chamular, Kathleen and Wally Keefe, Paul Doster
San Diego skyline
Star of India
USS Midway
USS Ronald Reagan
SS Jeremiah O'Brien
WWII Liberty ship
Vic Belaire and Gene Hansen
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 (l to r) Mary Ewing,
Sarah Janaik- 
Navy vocalist, and
Ron Gaillard
USS Savage wreath
on the patio at Southhwestern Yacht 
North Island Naval Air Station Runway
The Old and The New
Cruise ships, San Diego skyline with the USS Midway in background
(l to r)  Bill Harvey, Jim Murphy, Ernie Velez, Peggy Smith, Dan Farley, Jr., Elaine Pizzola, Jack Smith, Jean Fraser
2006 Attendees

Joe "Tiny" Allen
Lee and Lois Bruss
Rollins and June Coakley
Paul and Shirley Doster
Dan and Margaret Farley
Jean Fraser
Gene and Linda Hansen
Wally and Kathleen Keefe
Paul and Sandi McCarthey
Allen and Elaine Pizzola (adopted)
Joe Rand
Patrick and Daphne Stevenson
Ernie and Mary Velez
Tony McGill
Vic Belaire
Ron Krieger (adopted)
Rich Cornall
Frank Mester
Admiral Ray and Delilah Crumley
Ray and Mary Ewing
Dan Farley, Jr. and wife
Ron Gaillard
Bill and Marge Harvey
Jim and Mary Markley (adopted)
Jim and Gail Murphy
Tommie Pridgen
Jack and Peggy Smith
Butch Theberge
LeRoy and Sue Clark
John Chamular
sea lions at the bait barge
(l to r) Jack Smith,
Rollins Coakley,
 Dan Farley,
Wally Keefe,
DE Crew
(l to r) Ray Crumley,
Ray Ewing,
Paul McCarthy,
Lee Bruss,
Tommy Pridgen,
DER  Plankowners
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