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Reunion Photos 2010 (2) header
Reunion Photos 2010 (2)
The 2010 reunion was held in Corpus Christi, Texas 
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All photographs are copyrighted to Edward P. Stone.  They have been included on this site with his kind permission.
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Peggy and Jack SmithVic BelaireDan and Fran DykstraRon KriegerIrma HochierterGinny StoneIrma HochierterEd StoneDale DeglerLinda and Gene HansenRon GaillardDale and Margaret DeglerDale DeglerRon GaillardDan and Fran DykstraDan Farley, Jr., Margaret Farley, and Elaine PizzolaSavage artifactsBill and Joann WenteRoy Giroir and Ethel GaudetIrma and Fred HochierterRich CornallMargaret DeglerRon Krieger and Augie ChaseLinda HansenPeggy Smith, Kathy Pendergrass, and Jack SmithJoann Wente(l. front) Bill and Joann Wente, Ethe Gaudet, Roy Giroir. (r. front)  Fred Hochierter, Leon GrothFran DykstraLinda Hansen, Elaine Pizzola, Margerat Farley, and Augie ChaseErnie and Mary VelezAugie Chase and Ernie VelezMargerat and Dan Degler, Ron KriegerJack SmithAugie Chase, Tommy Pridgen
2010 Attendees
Joe Marneo
Thomas Pridgen
Richard Cornall
Gene Hansen
Linda Hansen
Dale Degler
Margaret Degler
Dan Dykstra
Fran Dykstra
Leon Groth
Evelyne Groth
Roy Giroir
Ethel Gaudet
Ron Krieger
Jack Smith
Peggy Smith
Edward Stone 
Ginny Stone
William Wente
Joann Wente
Fred Hochierter
Irma Hochierter
Marvin Pendergrass
Kathy Pendergrass
Ray Crumley
Delilah Crumley
Vic Belaire
Ron Gaillard
Margaret Farley
Dan Farley, Jr.
Elaine Pizzola
Margaret Farley
Augie Chase
Ernie Velez
Mary Velez
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