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Reunion Photos 2007 header
Reunion Photos 2007
The 2007 Reunion was held in Panama City, Florida
All photographs are thumbnail images.  Click on each picture to enlarge.
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Landing Craft Air Cushions
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(l to r)  Gene Hansen, Chuck Huber, Roy Giroir, Bill Harvey, Bill Chaney, Paul Doster, Jim Markley and Ray Ewing
2007 Attendees

George "Whitey" Baldwin
Lee and Lois Bruss
Bill and Sue Chaney
Rich and Nory Cornall 
Admiral Ray and Delilah Crumley 
Dale and Margaret Degler 
Paul Dickinson 
photograph of Hansen, Huber, Giroir, Harvey, Chaney, Doster, Markley, and Ewing
photograph of Lois Bruss, Mary Markley, Nory Cornall, Agnes McLawhorn, Marge Farley, and Mary Ewing
photograph of Paul Doster, Mac McLawhorn, Agnes McLawhorn, Lois Bruss and Lee Bruss
photograph of men putting on life jackets for patrol boats
photograph of Cornall, Huber, Giroir, Ethel Giroir, and Nory Cornall
photograph of Marge Harvey, George Baldwin, and Paul Dickinson
photograph of Hansen, Gaillard, and Doster
photograph of helicopter
photograph of Rose Jones and Tommy Pridgen
photograph of Landing Craft Air Cushions (LCAC)
photograph of Mary and Jim Markley with Lee and Lois Bruss
photograph of McLawhorn, Degler, Margeret Degler, and Agnes McLawhorn
photograph of Paul Dickinson
photograph taken aboard paddle boat
photograph of Peggy and Jack Smith with Dan and Marge Farley
photograph of Ira and Margarita Suitt
(l to r)  Lois  Bruss, Mary Markley,   Nory   Cornall, Agnes  McLawhorn, Marge   Farley,  Mary Ewing
(r to l)  Paul Doster, Mac McLawhorn, Agnes McLawhorn, Lois Bruss, Lee Bruss, hidden-Ira Suitt, Margarita Suitt, Marge Farley, Linda Hansen
putting on life jackets for the ride on the patrol boats and buoy tender for the  memorial service
(l to r)  Rich Cornall, Chuck Huber, Roy Giroir, Ethel Giroir, 
Nory Cornall
photograph of Susan and Bill Chaney
(l to r)   Marge Harvey, George Baldwin, Paul Dickinson
(l to r)   Susan & Bill Chaney
(l to r)   Gene Hansen, Ron Gaillard, Paul Doster
(l to r)   Rose Jones and Tommy Pridgen
(l to r)  Ira and Margarita Suitt 
[traveled from Spain]
Paul Dickinson  
(l to r)   Mary and Jim Markley,  Lee and Lois Bruss
(l to r)  Mac McLawhorn, Dale Degler, Margaret Degler and Agnes McLawhorn
(l to r)  Peggy and Jack Smith  [celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this summer] 
Dan & Marge Farley 
[have been married 61 years]
paddle boat cruise
rare to see the LCAC and helicopter running at the same time at the Navy Training Station
Paul Doster 
Ray and Mary Ewing 
Dan and Marge Farley 
Ron Gaillard 
Roy and Ethel Giroir 
Gene and Linda Hansen 
Bill and Marge Harvey 
Chuck Huber 
Jim and Mary Markley 
Lloyd "Mac"and Agnes McLawhorn Tommy Pridgen and Rose Jones Jack and Peggy Smith
Ira and Margarita Suitt 
Ray and Millie Zachgo
[all photos most graciously contributd by Linda Hansen]
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