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[All photographs  have been graciously contributed by Mr. Ron Werner, who served aboard the SAVAGE from June 1961 until June of 1963.  His contributions and continued support are greatly appreciated.  Ron has become a great friend.]  
Lister, Wilson, Strong and Bonds. 
 Ron Werner -  January 1962
Bow of ship with MT #31 and hedgehog mount, taken from the bridge, 1963.
July 1962.  Pearl Harbor.
Donald "Red" Bonds - 1963.
Ron and "Red."
Ron Werner and Donald "Red" Bonds 40 years later
Clinton, Arkansas  - 2002.
Ron now lives in Arizona.
 "Red" now lives in Arkansas.
Ron Werner once hung over the side of the ship to paint the number 386. It took him 2 days.
Ron Werner, BMSN header
Ron Werner, BMSN
Ron Werner being a jerk - SODA jerk that is!
Summer 2006.
Donald "Red" Bonds - Summer 2006.
Ron Werner and Clifford Stewart with Zundapp motorcycle (early 1960's).
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 Bertram, Monoghan, and Clifford Stewart (1963).
Ron - February 2006.
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3.  DE-386 CREW4.  DE-386 CREW PHOTOS5.  DE-386 SHIP PHOTOS6.  DER-386 (1955)

Donald "Red" Bonds and Ron Werner
June 2009 in Arkansas.
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Donald "Red" Bonds,  Ron Werner, and Cliff Stewart (WAIKIKI BEACH, 1962).
Ron Werner and Donald "Red" Bonds met aboard the USS Savage in 1961.  Arizona 2011.
Friends for over 49 years.  Arizona 2011.
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All photographs are thumbnail images.  Click on images to enlarge.
photograph of Donald "Red" Bonds, 1963
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"I was a boatswain's mate seaman (BMSN) onboard the USS Savage DER 386. Our division maintained the ship's exterior appearance, made the necessary repairs, and stood watches while underway. I was a qualified helmsman and would be called on to "drive" during our warfare exercises. I was also the first loader inside the gun mount on the bow of the ship.
Our ship's home port was in Pearl Harbor. We would leave Pearl every three weeks, and head for the area between Alaska and Siberia. "We would patrol there and head back to Pearl. We didn't see land for those 3-4 week periods."
image of Boatswain's Mate badge
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June 1961
June 1963
Arizona 2014.  Working on a 52 year friendship.
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