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Jesse F. Turner, EN3 (2)
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3.  DE-386 CREW4.  DE-386 CREW PHOTOS5.  DE-386 SHIP PHOTOS6.  DER-386 (1955)

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LTJG Ron Dong.
Satterfield, RD2 (on  left). Sailor on right unknown.
Goodwin, EN3 (top bunk), Olsen. EN3.
Administration Building - Midway Island.
Johnny Gray, EN3 (right) and Cornell Reed, EN1.
Ron Root on No. 1 generator.
Sitting low in the water at Hilo.
Taking on fuel at Midway Island.
Moored at the pier in Hilo, Hawaii.
Fueling at Midway.
Carlos Webster and Ron Root standing by main engine stacks.
Bill Buage, FN and Fred Teake, FN.
Goodheart, 1st class shipfitter (sitting), Toutchique, 2nd class electrician. Taken in the machine shop.
Jerry Doeiflein and Jesse Turner.
Bill Hamilton, EN2 and Carlos Webster, EN3.
Johnny Gray - aft engine room.
Jesse Turner - No. 2 main engine.
Johnny Gray - aft engine room.
Bill Hamilton and Jesse Turner.
Ron Root, EN3 torquing mains on No. 1 engine.
Jack Harris, FN in front of evaporators making water.
Chow time for Jesse Turner.
James McLaughlin, 3rd class Boiler Technician.
Jimmy Reinsimar, EN1.
The quarterdeck.  Officer of
the Deck, Petty Officer, and Messenger of the Watch.
Carlos Webster, EN3
Carlos Webster and Ron Root. Gear Locker, forward engine room.
Jesse Turner, EN3.
Jim Watkins, EN3 and Carlos Webster, EN3. Carlos broke his hand in a fight aboard ship, and Jim lost two teeth in a fight.
Goodhard (with arm on rack), Pop Lynch (with sunglasses), and LTJG McClendon (Engineering).
Bill Harvey.
Jesse Turner, EN3.
Jesse Turne, EN3.
Hoking, Redhor, Moss, Bruce, Todner.
Part of the crew and the bus that was chartered for the trip.
A stand that is built on the rim of the Kilauea Iki crater.
Williams, Radarman 3rd class on the sulphur rocks.
Sign for Thurston lava tubes.
Going into the lava tubes.
Going down to the mouth of the Thurston lava tubes.
Sign for sulphur banks.
Sign for Waldron Ledge.
Photographs most graciously contributed by Jesse F. Turner, EN3.  USS Savage November 1960 - May 1962.
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